8 emerging Canadian artists you must hear in June 2021

Meet the latest new Exclaim! Favorites, including vibrant R&B vocals and the Vancouver sci-fi amateur experimenter

Posted on 01 June 2021

The weather is perfect for long walks and picnics, and you will need some cool songs to accompany your adventures. Look no further than the latest New Faves from Exclaim !, including vibrant R&B vocals and Vancouver’s amateur sci-fi experimenter.

Halifax, NS
For fans of: Alexisonfire, Jeromes Dream, Cancer Bats

A lot has happened in the Botfly camp this year. The Halifax quartet have just teamed up with No Funeral Records and have a bunch of new tracks on the way, including a separate album with Anthesis, Cell Press and Greber due June 18 and a second album in the works. With many releases on the horizon, this could prove to be the group’s breakthrough year to a wider audience.
Marc Tremblay

Vancouver, BC
For fans of: Lil Peep, Elliott Smith

There is very little information about ekkstacy available online other than the fact that he is an 18 year old from Vancouver. Despite the secrecy, word has already passed on his haunting music, which is making big streaming numbers by mixing whispered acoustic ballads with SoundCloud emo rap. His remarkable singles combine his ghostly voice with catchy instrumentation, like the new wave bounce of “I walk this earth all alone” or the alternative rock “1979” of “I want to be by your side”.
Alex hudson

Caid Jones
Winnipeg, MB
For fans of: Flatbush Zombies, Vince Staples

Caid Jones is on the rise. As he says on “Higher”, “I move like a monsoon” – and damn, is he right. The versatile rapper goes from R&B croon to fiery verses to groovy funk and booming beats. Passionate about social and environmental justice, Jones bolsters his agile flow with crisp, purposeful lyrics, and has already proven that his debut EP, No distractions please, is one to watch when it falls on June 25.
Chris Bryson

Janette King
Montreal, QC
For fans of: Solange, Jorja Smith, Alessia Cara

Trying to find catharsis through the complexities of everyday life is something that most artists want to achieve. On the first album What we lost, released on June 25 via Hot Tramp, Janette King does just that. His recent singles feature an exciting new voice in the R&B scene, a voice that takes personal pain and makes it universal and dancing at the same time.
Adam fink

Measure Divide
Toronto, Ontario
For fans of: Planetary Assault Systems, Surgeon, Northern Structures

Measure Divide is one of those invisible cogs that turns Toronto’s techno scene. He’s been releasing industrial bangers with fellow Canadian Dolgener as a private label for a while, but a recent signing to Clergy Records peaked in May. Green parallel EP. It’s a four track release that quivers and cracks with superbly produced black techno. Take care of it.
Daryl keating

Skinny Local
Vancouver, BC
For fans of: 100 Gecs, SOPHIE, Death Grips

Cyberpunk fans, meet Bhaveek Makan, aka Skinny Local. Last year, the Vancouver artist released the dystopian film Bombay Radio and guest on “Screaming Indian” by Snotty Nose Rez Kids. More industrial trap beats and hyperpop drops followed in March with Kalyug project, an EP filled with androids whose title refers to an end-time concept in Indian mythology. Makan promises that another version is on the way – pure bangers to balance our dark times.
Leslie Ken Chu

Kelly sloan
Toronto, Ontario
For fans of: Carole King, Kate Bush, Weyes Blood

On her new orchestral pop single, “Tangled”, Kelly Sloan extols the virtues of patience. “Wait, no one gets the feeling the first time,” she intones softly, offering hope that we will walk through pandemic purgatory by practicing compassion. With the help of Matthew “Doc” Dunn, violinist Brielle Goheen and producer Jeff McMurrich (Jennifer Castle, US Girls), Sloan has surrounded herself with some of Ontario’s best.
Jesse locke

Kitchener, ON
FFO: Lush, Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore, Hatchie

Softcult is a new group of familiar faces. Sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn started the ‘mall goth’ project in response to the lingering misogyny they encountered while playing the role of Courage My Love, and they put the patriarchy on guard with their debut EP. Year of the Rat. “Take It Off” stands out, appealing to shitty boyfriends who prefer partners who are seen but not heard.
Ian gormely

Listen to tracks from these and other emerging Canadian artists in our Spotify playlist.

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