It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, at least on Canadian film sets. Especially in Vancouver, where “Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen” was one of five vacation-themed TV movies – three by Hallmark – filmed in British Columbia in July alone. Directed by Calgary-native David Winning, the family-friendly feature filmRead More →

Rabia and Olivia, the Indo-Canadian film produced by Imran Mir will have Sheeba Chadha in the central role. “class =” lazy img-responsive “data-src =” indo-canadian-movie-rabia-and-olivia.jpg “width =” 920 “height =” 518 “alt =” Sheeba Chadha will play a central role in the Indo-Canadian film, Rabia and Olivia “/> VersatileRead More →

Human rights activist George Takei has warned that the proposed register of American Muslims reflects the events that led to the internment of Japanese Americans (and Japanese Canadians) during World War II. The National Association of Japanese Canadians also denounced the rise in Islamophobia and racism following the election ofRead More →