With a full year of creative breaks and improvisational workflows behind them, Canadian producers have reached the 2021 Toronto Festival optimistic that the in-person screenings and heightened excitement of the fall festival will focus critics and buzz. sales to connect their films with audiences beyond their home territory. Luc DeryRead More →

Canadian executive producers Elliott Halpern and Elizabeth Trojian receive individual 2021 Emmy ® nomination. Tweet this Halpern and Trojian are incredibly proud that the Canadian-produced documentary is receiving such honor at the Emmy Awards. “Making such a complex and important film during the pandemic presented incredible challenges, but with YorubaRead More →

TORONTO, July 15, 2021 / CNW / – Canadian filmmakers and executive producers Elliott Halpern and Elizabeth trojian from the Toronto-based production company Yap Films received individual nominations for “Outstanding Documentary or Documentary Series -2021” as part of the PBS THIRTEEN American Masters Series nomination, in recognition of their criticallyRead More →

The bottle shop is organized by from Canada first female Master Sommelier, Jennifer huether TORONTO, June 24, 2021 / CNW / – Today, Fresh City announces the opening of City fresh bottle store, reinforcing their commitment to providing local, organic and sustainable food and drink options that benefit both peopleRead More →

Atlantic Canada’s kombucha fermenters and brewers have grown in recent years, and some consumers say that the sour fermented foods and the bacteria they contain contribute to a healthy stomach. The tradition of fermentation dates back hundreds of years, according to St. John’s Fermentary owner Sondra Nurse. “People were fermentingRead More →

The Canadian cannabis industry, which is banking on the possibility of expanding into the United States, is nervously eyeing the American political calendar and the narrow legislative window of the Biden administration to relax federal bans on recreational marijuana. The White House said President Joe Biden supports the decriminalization ofRead More →